Friday, April 5, 2013

The Pictures from the Last Little While....

So I have been neglecting all this blogging stuff since I started working full-time and since we were so transient before. But now we are settled in Seymour, Indiana and very happy to start sharing again. These are pics of things here and there that I have taken with my new NIKON D3100 dlslr!!!

 For Christmas I got an Ice Cream Maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid. I absolutely love it! My first attempt at Skinny Vanilla with Cookie Dough :) YUM!

 Since Stephen has graduated from School in December 2012, he has wanted to loose all that college weight he gained... This is my attempt to create a healthy meal. Mango Arugala Goat Cheese Pizza.

 I got a crafty spirit and this one was of course inspired by Pinterest... Monster face bibs, I never use patterns and I should start doing so... Or maybe not!

 Stephen and I have always spent our free time driving around and looking at houses... Well we have done that same here in Indiana, but there is a new thing we look at.... LAND!

 Stephen and his work have so many fun things that go on within the company... This is called Broom-Ball, hockey with sticks and no skates--only regular shoes. They made it to the finals and lost to the Pink Team.

Stephen is serving in the youth with our church... So one of the boys in our ward invited him to do this March Madness Tournament at another local church. He had fun but felt like he was really good at being the coach.

With Stephen's sign-on bonus to Cummins, Inc. he let me get a new custom sofa and a neat round swivel chair (Stephen is sitting in the chair playing for me on our Anniversary). Yes the pillows and the sofa fabric was picked out by us and we are really enjoying it so far.

 Indiana has so many DEAD PEOPLE. But since there are so many there are some really cool old cemeteries. This is one of our attempts to find my Great Grandpa's grave who (according to Grandma Batt) is buried in Seymour, IN.

 Stephen and I went to a home and garden show at the beginning or middle of March. It was really neat and made me get really excited about my little business dream... I practiced taking pictures of flowers, someday I will have to get tips from my sis.

 These were taken a couple weeks ago, maybe last week... One of our many house hunts, well this one was a land/property hunt near a lake... Didn't find it.

I took these yesterday and I was just practicing again with my camera. The bark on this Birch Tree is awesome... And the blossoms are coming but if I were an X-Men my power would be to make the sun shine all the time!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indiana wants me....

Well my dad kept singing this old song to me called 'Indiana Wants Me', so I finally listened to it and it ain't that bad.

Now to the real reason behind a blog post. We moved out to Seymour, Indiana at the end of May. We have been here now almost three weeks or so. Stephen got and internship with an engine company called Cummins (most may recognize the name from the big Dodge Trucks). So far Stephen likes what he is doing, and he seems to like everyone that is on his team.

All I have been doing is went to visit my parents in Albuquerque, NM. Then I've just been exploring the local area a little... Here are some pictures of the area and funny little things that I have seen.

Entering Indiana, so so green!
Indiana Wine Glass! (at a neat little Flea Market)

 Indiana Hoosiers! I really liked this little town, Bloomington, IN

It can go from groves of really tall trees to....

To fields of corn or other crop in a mile or so.

 Well there is a tid-bit of Seymour, IN for you all. I hope that I will be able to have more to show everyone... The rest of that song 'Indian Wants Me' has a line that says "but I can't go back", I guess we'll see if that is the case.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We are moving to... Seymour, Indiana

Well the time has come when we get to leave Provo, UT. Many may know that I am not very fond of Utah, but it really has nothing to do with the state or the people. It has something to do with growing up in California and not ever wanting to live in Utah. Well now I have lived in Utah for almost 7 years, lived in 8 different apartments/homes during this time...

We have a few more moves before we can actually consider settling down. So Stephen got an internship with Cummins in Seymour, Indiana. For those of you (like me) who are not even sure where Indiana is on a map, it is just below Michigan and the great lakes. Stephen will begin working for Cummins on June 4th. Together we will move out to Seymour, Indiana for about four months. Then Stephen will finish his last (fall) semester of school at BYU while we live in his parents basement one more time. Then with him finally graduated we will then most likely move back to Indiana where Stephen will be employed full-time as an engineer for Cummins.

On the map, we will live in the south east, closest to Kentucky, in Seymour, Indiana.

So one might think, "Won't Indiana be worse because it is farther from California?". Well, I am excited and thinking this will be an awesome opportunity and no, I don't think it will be worse. I think that if anything I am really going to like the flat plains, the mild cold, and possibly the chance to go tour lots of church history sites.

The only question I have is.... What am I going to do out in Indiana? Work at a garden center? Work retail, full-time, part-time? Maybe I can be a mom by then? Or maybe I can find work at a hotel or bank? Or maybe just take it easy and vacation for the summer (doubt that will fly)?
Just cruising down Provo Cyn in the fall

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